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From the love for our work, the creativity of our designer, and the extreme care expressed through the skilled hands of our seamstresses, the collections Dalin and Vinnì are born, a tribute to the uniqueness of every woman. Our company is the result of the synergistic work of a team that creates unique sartorial masterpieces every day.

The beauty of a wedding dress lies in its ability to tell something about the person wearing it. A couture wedding dress, instead, can convey the essence of the bride to the world because every tiny detail has been tailored to her, like a second skin.




“Give shape to the dreams of our brides”

“Give shape to the dreams of our brides”

The feminine world is a wonderful world, rich in infinite facets.
What we do is give voice to dreams and make the desires of our brides tangible. Every woman is destined for a couture wedding dress, and we will help her find it: when she sees her wedding dress, she will understand that it is the right one, she will feel it deep in her heart, and she will fall in love with it at first sight.

Our Reality

“The love for the art of tailoring is the greatest family gift.”

Within a small tailoring workshop in 1965, a man decided to give every woman the opportunity to feel unique on her special day. Giovanni Quaranta, the founder, soul, and heart of the atelier, was a guide and a source of inspiration for his family and his collaborators, managing to transfer the passion for an ancient art like tailoring to his children.

Silvino, Vito, and Vinni, as they grew up, became part of the life of the workshop and atelier, assuming different but complementary roles. Silvino Quaranta and Vito Quaranta, respectively the Executive Sales Manager and the Administrative Manager, are the ones who ensure that Dalin’s couture wedding dresses are ever closer to our brides.

Bridal designer

The beating heart of the company

“Behind every dress is a woman: ours is called Vinnì”

Vinnì Quaranta is the Bridal Designer, the creative mind of our company. She doesn’t just design dresses; she travels, selects fabrics, meets brides from all over the world, captures their different nuances, and transforms them into wedding dresses. The world is her greatest source of inspiration. She lives and breathes the essence of the tailoring workshop, where diverse skills converge, giving life to couture wedding dresses that are always new, always different.